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Office Dr. Peter Steinecke

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Dr. Peter Steinecke

Dipl.-Biol. / German Patent Attorney
European Patent Attorney
European Trademark and Design Attorney
Dr. Peter Steinecke

Peter is the head of the life sciences and chemistry group at MÜLLER FOTTNER STEINECKE. He specializes in prosecution and contentious inter partes proceedings before the European Patent Office (EPO) and has highest experience in opposition and appeal proceedings.

Peter studied Biology at the University of Cologne, Germany, and did his Ph.D. at the Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding, Cologne, and at BAYER AG, Crop Protection Business Group, Monheim, Germany, where he already got in touch with intellectual property (IP) protection. Before becoming a patent attorney, he was project leader according to §§ 15 and 17 GenTSV in a biotechnological company (Bioplant GmbH). Besides working in private practice, Peter has gained experience in patent portfolio management in pharmaceutical companies abroad (Janssen Pharmaceutica, Johnson & Johnson).

Peter has been involved in several disputes within the biopharmaceutical and environmental technology area, including interferon beta (e.g. T1898/07); collagen-like protein polymers (T1331/07); methods of administering anti-TNF-alpha antibodies (EP 1 406 656 B1, Adalimumab/HUMIRA®); PDL BioPharma's antibody humanization patent (T2265/08); G-CSF biosimilar (e.g. T1125/12); antibody formulations (e.g. T0483/13); production of TNFR-Fc/Etanercept (T1571/13); and energy-from-waste plant MHKW Würzburg (3 O 3402/11, 3 U 853/12, X ZR 145/12). He has drafted and prosecuted valuable patents for his clients, including Aducanumab (BIIB037, anti-amyloid beta antibody); ENKASTIM® (anti-cancer HSP70 peptide); mi-TUMEX® (anti-HSP70 antibody); and Biograstim®/Ratiograstim®/Tevagrastim® (biosimilar G-CSF, filgrastim); and defended broad claims on antibodies, second medical use and pluripotent cell based drug discovery assays in opposition appeal proceedings (see, e.g., T2223/10, T2351/08 and T0385/14). His expertise is recognized in the EPO; he was, e.g., guest speaker for stem cell patenting on the seminar "Cell Day" before the EPO Examiners in 2010.

He applies this first-hand knowledge to his prosecution practice so as to maximize the strength of his clients' patents against subsequent opposition and their position in license negotiations and litigation. He established the patent portfolio of several biopharmaceutical start-up companies and supported their license deals.


German and English

Specialist Fields

  • Intellectual Property law, in particular patents and utility models in the fields of molecular biology, plant biotechnology, immunology, antibody technology, virology, ribozyme/antisense-RNA/RNAi technology, pharmacogenomics, medical science and technology, stem cell technology, diagnostic assays, screening methods, biopharmaceuticals, research tools and their use in drug discovery
  • Cooperation with attorneys at law in patent infringement and nullity proceedings
  • Prosecution, opposition and appeal proceedings before the German and the European Patent Office
  • Employees’ invention law
  • Intellectual Property Due Diligence for biotechnology and venture capital companies
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